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RWA consider that the building process is one sole unit within which architectural factors such as work execution, economic and finantial considerations, marketing and merchandising, interrelate.


We have carried out numerous assignments for Spanish and foreign companies and have always dealt successfully with undertakings of varying magnitude and scale in urban planning, architecture and interior architecture.


The future of Architecture needs environmental awareness. We are convinced that good architecture is always sustainable regardless of whether technological advances allow efficient new solutions to be incorporated.

Building consultancy - Management Services

The understanding that we at RWA have of the building process allows us to assume all the functions of a Project Manager and Construction Manager, from the site selection and the characteristics of the works and investment to be made, to the potential contractors, cost control, etc.


The RWA Studio of Architecture began its activity in Madrid in 1984 headed by Inés Ramseyer and Adolfo Waisman, both of them architects with doctoral dissertations on large-scale residential settlements, socio-economic impact, complementary activities and public services.

Now with over 35 year´s standing, RWA have built up a solid reputation based on the results of its many undertakings and on its capacity for taking on projects of different scales with exhaustive guarantees of quality and efficiency.


All of RWA's projects are a new challenge to offer our clients excellence, rigor and innovation.

RWA is professionally committed to monitoring all phases of the projects until their completion, maintaining the principle that architects' work ends when the execution of the work has been completed and not before. 

RWA distinguishes itself by carrying out projects with a careful architectural value, paying exhaustive attention to the control of deadlines, costs and quality throughout all the phases of the project and the work. 

We have carried out projects in many sectors, namely:

• Offices
• Housing
• Hospitality
• Industrial Buildings
• Infrastructure

Likewise, we have developed works in master planning and landscaping, and forays into furniture design and graphic design.

RWA consider that the building process is one sole unit within which architectural factors such as work execution, economic and finantial considerations, marketing and merchandising, interrelate. This concept facilitates communication with our clients and allows us to take on all the characteristic functions of project and construction management on some occasions, right from the selection of the site and the characteristics of the work and the investment to be made, down to possible contractors, cost control, etc.


We would like, through our work and from a constructively critical viewpoint and participating with other agents, to contribute towards building a world which helps make life better, motivates, thrills and grows with the best qualities as human beings.

We believe that architecture is valid if, as well as solving the problems that have been posed, it puts forward further values.

Our aim is to respond to human needs in a time and place; therefore we pay attention to values, social responsibility, controlled use of resources, energy efficiency, etc

We are environmentally aware, and convinced that good architecture is always sustainable regardless of whether technological advances allow efficient new solutions to be incorporated.

We carry out an ongoing review of our concepts concerning inhabited areas and natural spaces.

We are careful to study the site correctly, as well as its spatial and formal relationship to the surroundings, handling our activities with respect so as not to cause any environmental impact.

We take into consideration the durability and ease of maintenance of our undertakings, including in the projects innovative construction solutions and materials.

We are interested in:

• New experiences.
• Adding a bonus to inhabited areas.
• Work well done, without the need to hug the limelight, or seek acclamation apart from that of the users of our solutions and interventions.

Without prejudice; considering each project as unique and as a new opportunity.

With an open mind in our approach to the problems that may arise, and aspiring to find innovative solutions.

Setting up a stimulating atmosphere for creative work.

With an efficient and rigorous attitude to the work as well as to the compliance of time limits; always in a cordial and friendly atmosphere.

Paying great attention to detail and leaving nothing to chance.

Systematic design methodologies and computerised work process

Open to experiences of collaboration with other architects, including international ones. 

The development of the projects is permanently oriented to provide solutions tailored to the needs and requirements of customers. We work with proximity and the partners maintain a direct relationship with the clients.
The client's objectives are compatible with the optimization of functional, formal and economic results, assuming respect for the site's environment in which the project is located.
Our list of clients, which you can consult here and which is constantly growing, includes the most important agents in the real estate market, including private investors, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT-SOCIMIS) and Real Estate Investment Fund managers.

The Team

In RWA we believe that the people who make up the organization are its most valuable element, which is why we insist on having a dynamic team that is always ready to take on new challenges.

We define ourselves as dedicated people with a positive outlook; our professionalism is guaranteed thanks to constant training and updating, as well as internal quality controlling.

We work together within a flexible, horizontally organised structure with detailed responsibilities for each team member.

The team is made up of professionals assisted by a solid group of the best external collaborators, engineers and specialists.

For each project we set up multidisciplinary work groups, coordinated by a project manager who is constantly in touch with the client and external collaborators.

Inés Ramseyer dedicates part of her time to continuing her most creative facet in her photography and cultural exhibitions.


We feel proud of having had the oportunity of working with some of the most important clients in the property sector.

Arcano Partners
Anchorage Capital Partners
AEW Capital Management
Alza Real Estate - Rodex Asset Management
ASG Homes
Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis
Compañía Logística de Hidrocarburos
Inmobiliaria Colonial
CP Comunicación Proximity
Credit Suisse
Ferrocarriles Españoles de Vía Estrecha
Heron International
Merrill Lynch
Mutua General de Seguros
Patrizia Immobilien
Royal Metropolitan
Sacyr Vallehermoso
SEAT - Grupo Volkswagen
Sociedad de Tasación
Sotogrande Inmobiliaria
Standard Life Investments - Aberdeen Standard
Testa Residencial
Tragsa  - Empresa de Transformación Agraria
Varde Partners
Seguros Zurich

Policy of Quality 

For RWA, principles of quality are our conduct guidelines in all our services and undertakings.

RWA set itself the obligation to verify in due to course (at least 10 years) the suitability of the spatial solutions, the materials selected and the respective constructive solutions that were adopted.  

RWA undertake a commitment to comply with the client's requirements, regularly involving the client in the decisions to be made and in the progress of the project.  

The intervention of Quality Control Organisms from the very beginning of our process means that all objectives link up and that the project's time limits are optimized. 

Entities such as Ove Arup & Partners, Intemac, Cotas Internacional SA or Secotec have carried out the quality control of our projects and technical management.

Corporate Responsibility

As part of the corporate responsibility of the company, RWA established in June 2008 the Ramseyer Dayer Foundation in Esperanza, Santa Fe, Argentina, a non-profit organisation for cultural dissemination and artistic expression.

Link to the Foundation's Website

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