Building Consultancy

This service includes those technical analysis and investigations on real estate assets prior to their acquisition by our clients, in order to minimise the financial risks of the investment.

Our work involves an exhaustive study of the building's background, applicable regulations, potential building loads, analysis of the current state of the property and its economic consequences, and possible market outlets or analysis of the competition. Meetings and / or visits with the council´s technical services or compilation of information available in the public archives is, in most cases, carried out with excellence by our professionals.

Depending on the investment terms, the needs of the clients and the characteristics of the property, in some cases it is recommended to carry out deeper investigations with the involvement of structural & MEP analysis companies. In these cases, RWA will advise the client and carry out a technical analysis and establish conclusions of action in the event of any discovery that the investigations reveal.

Our clients are usually expert investors with extensive experience in the real estate market, but given the case of small or new investors, our deep knowledge allows us to carry out guided advise so that their first steps in the sector are safe and productive.

Likewise, we detect investment possibilities that we transfer to our clients to promote business opportunities. Being a RWA customer brings future investment and business opportunities.

RWA's proven experience, with more than 35 years of professional background, is a guarantee of success in the investments and acquisitions of our clients.

This service includes a preliminary analysis of the constraints and / or opportunities of development of a property, plot or location.

In these works, first sketches of architectural design are made, usually including one or several options for action to expand the market spectrum from which our clients may choose.

Our team has proven experience in building certifications. In addition, we have certified specialist collaborators with whom we have obtained energy efficiency accreditations (LEED and BREEAM CERTIFICATIONS) in a large number of our buildings. You can consult these buildings and their certifications here.

As part of our R&D and Innovation process, we carry out market and real estate sector research, both theoretical and practical, that allow our clients to delve into the potential business diversification of a particular real estate asset or any ther commercial outlet in the global market (Built-to-Rent, Offices, Residential or other uses).

RWA are constantly updated regarding the experiences and / or directions that the real estate market takes, both in our country and abroad, which allows us to anticipate future changes that will generate new business opportunities for our clients.

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