Alcalá 16

Restoration of a set of three Office Buildings

Functional flexibility, as a basic need to solve the use of the set of buildings, their adaptability to future demands for space, considering that these may imply an increase or decrease in the areas to be occupied and the profitable exploitation of the zones that are free of occupation by Banco Bilbao Vizcaya, condition the proposals.
There is a requirement to consider the need to modernise, reform or replace the obsolete M&E, reorganising each system in accordance with the flexibility of operation and the functional criteria set out above, the principles of energy saving, the application of new technologies with a high level of automation and the reduction of conservation and maintenance costs.
Also, is imperative to reduce to the minimum required by current regulations and basic requirements the plant rooms located in areas likely to be included in the net profitable ones.
The characteristics of the intervention to be carried out, the limitations imposed on listed buildings and the current planning regulations, limit the action in the complex to REHABILITATION WORKS.

Calle Alcalá 16, Sevilla 8 and Arlabán 3-5, Madrid
23.590 m²
12 storeys

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