“Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design." Charles Eames

23rd October 2020 / El Confidencial Digital

The most exclusive homes in the Barrio de Salamanca - Claudio Coello 108

"...One of Madrid's most prestigious architecture studios, Ramseyer Waisman, has designed what is perhaps the most attractive new flat development in the capital. This is the CC108 development, which is located at Calle Claudio Coello 108. An imposing residential building with an avant-garde design that houses 13 luxury homes and has all the services imaginable for a construction of this type....."

19th March 2019 / El inmobiliario mes a mes

Wires: Industrialisation and digitalisation will define the residential sector of the future

"...The industrialisation of building as the ultimate goal and the digitalisation of many design, sales and after-sales processes are already at the forefront of many managers in the residential sector. It is precisely on these issues that the meeting organized by WIRES (Women in Real Estate), moderated by Ángela Rodríguez, architect of Ramseyer Waisman Architects and WIRES partner, held yesterday at the COAM (Colegio Oficial de Aquitectos de Madrid), with the name The house of the future: evolution or disruption, has turned. What challenges will the Residential bring us?..."

7th May 2018 / Urbanitae

Some of the most luxurious residential buildings in Spain

"...Without leaving the Salamanca district, in calle Claudio Coello 108, is the property acquired by the German fund Patrizia Inmobilien, in which, after its rehabilitation, it will launch a promotion of 12 homes, a duplex penthouse and commercial premises. The Ramseyer Waisman architecture studio is in charge of the restoration. Each residence will have between three and four bedrooms, a living room with a fireplace, two parking spaces and a storage room. Several of them will also have over a hundred metres square of garden-terrace. As for their areas, it is between 289 and 804 square meters..."

12th July 2017 / Andalucia Inmobiliaria

Europe's leading real estate company launches its first residential project in Spain with Gilmar

"...The building offers the highest quality standards, resulting from the rehabilitation carried out by the prestigious architectural firm Ramseyer Waisman, to which we can add the smart use of technology and the state-of-the-art functional design that is breathed from the very first step into the building..."

7th July 2017 / El Mundo

Will this be the best duplex penthouse in Madrid?

"...The prestigious architecture studio Ramseyer Waisman and the renowned interior design firm RB interior put their stamp on the promotion..."

4th July 2017 / El Economista

The 12 luxury dwellings in Claudio Coello 108 (Madrid)

"...Designed by the prestigious architecture studio Ramseyer Waisman, this development stands out for its avant-garde style, its commitment to technological innovation and for being located in one of the most privileged areas of the capital..."

3rd July 2017 / Europa Press

The German company Patrizia Immobilien enters Spain promoting luxury homes in the center of Madrid

"...According to Gilmar, the building presents "high levels" of quality, after the rehabilitation carried out in the building from the design of the Ramseyer Waisman architecture studio..."

7th June 2017 / Grupo Via

Agora, New Residential Architectural Projects

"...the doctor of architecture Ángela Rodríguez (Ramseyer Waisman Arquitectos) described the work carried out for the German investment fund Patrizia with the Claudio Coello 108 apartment building in Madrid, in which, after the demolition and consolidation works of the structure, the vertical communications cores have been reorganized as well as the facades regenerated to increase the energy efficiency, the acoustic protection and to maximize the natural light of the dwellings; also, the commitment to precise distributions, optimized and especially attractive dimensions, have provided versatility and flexibility and a greater offer of dwellings typologies..."

11th March 2016 / Via Construcción

III Oficinas ReThink Madrid

"...Doctor of Architecture Ángela Rodríguez (Ramseyer Waisman Architects) highlighted the importance of converging architecture with the aspects that are changing work spaces: changes in business culture, incorporation of new generations, techniques, processes, operations and technologies that affect workplaces..."

14th November 2008 / El Mundo

Hines, awarded in BMP

"Hines company has been awarded for the most sustainable non-residential property development for its Tripark Augusta project. This is a recognition granted by Endesa, Barcelona Meeting Point and Asociación Casa Bioclimática for the promotion of sustainable construction."

9th August 2004 / La Voz de Galicia

Sotogrande allies with Amancio Ortega to promote luxury homes in Cadiz for 120 million

"...The project, which has been commissioned to the Ramseyer Waisman studio and is due to open in 2007, will include 160 luxury homes in four buildings, a pedestrian promenade with 40 commercial premises and an underground public car park with 250 spaces..."

10th July 2004 / El Pais - Cinco Días

Amancio Ortega and NH will invest 120 million in Sotogrande

"...The luxury urbanization of Cadiz has revealed itself as a perfect enclave for the practice of this sport. It has five golf courses, three of which are considered the best in Europe. It is precisely this high standard of tourism that is concentrated in Sotogrande that makes the project's promoters think that the development will not be affected by the tourism crisis that Spain is experiencing..."

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