Alcalá 30-32

Office Building and Retail Premises

The condition of the building implied the need for complete reconstruction work, maintaining the façade and envelope. The intervention provided visual continuity to the interior spaces which, by means of compressions and expansions of circulation elements, connects the exterior, the main hall, the three interior patios and the glassed in galleries.

The patios, in their new architectonic entity, are roofed with skylights whose geometry and construction provide outstanding amounts of daylight, despite the fact that the building is conjoined. The maximum use of interior light and the arrangement of the communications cores allow for up to a maximum of four users on each level.

Of special relevance is the meticulous execution of the construction details and the finish on the indoor surfaces. The re-use of eight slender cast iron columns, found in the building, conjures up "the memory of the place".

Calle Alcalá 30-32, Madrid

12,200 m²

8 storeys


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