Alcalá 45

Partial Renovation of Office Building

Successive restorations of a building which had been given over to bank offices but with historic and architectonic values characteristic of the 1930s.

The entryways and the great double height central banking hall are redesigned, using singular elements of indirect lighting.

The upper floors are redistributed and installations are renewed, incorporating computing technology that permits a high degree of automation.

Office Implementation - Banco De Comercio

This was a question of redesigning the great transactions hall of a traditional bank so as to adapt it to work space in a contemporary private bank. 

The challenge was for the 9 metre high rectangular space and the 5.5 metre high lateral areas to meet the conditions of light, acoustics and comfort necessary for an activity both personal and confidential.

Direct and indirect lighting at different levels allowed the different spheres to be determined which, together with wood panels and carpets in the corporate colours, reached the proposed target.

Calle Alcalá 45, Madrid

4,140 m²

11 storeys


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