Abirá Hotel, Spa & Conference Centre

Antioquía, Medellín, Colombia

The location for this hotel complex is a rural area close to Medellín and as a criterion for its implementation we tried to alter the physical environment and landscape as little as possible. For this reason, the program was defined balancing the criteria of profitability and exploitation with the limitations of respect for the environment.

The complex allocates 56 double rooms distributed in 14 small exempt buildings with the appropriate scale to reduce their visual impact. In the centre there is a construction that houses the common areas and the services of the hotel including a restaurant with several dining areas. This construction, necessarily more voluminous, is staggered to adapt to the steep slope of the land, so that in the common areas you can enjoy the views over the valley and most of the surface is hidden with a minimum of excavation. Also forming part of the complex, and designed with the same respect for the environment, is an independent building for external events, complementary to the hotel, and an area with several constructions for installations and maintenance services.

Following the same criteria of respect for the site, the buildings are designed with local materials whose impact is also minimal in the construction process. The use of bamboo has been incorporated in an outstanding way. The resulting image of the complex comes from the use of these materials and forms consistent with the construction derived from them, from the adaptation of the scales of the buildings to the landscape and the physical environment and from the criteria of operation of the hotel, including those linked to the attractiveness of the place as a commercial attraction.

Finca Abirá, Antioquía, Medellín, Colombia

6,5 Ha

2 storeys


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