Residential Development with 153 Social Housing Homes and Retail Premises

Four flats surround each central cores, having the outstanding feature of stairways attached to the exterior facades for better legibility and to optimize the scale of the complex. The structural, residential and vehicular frames respond to a common module. All the flats are exterior giving onto two facades so that they can benefit from cross ventilation.

The facades are made of brick with dressings in artificial stone, differentiating the vertical cores with coloured rendering. To compensate the considerable length of the facades, some parts were slightly set back in relation to others, thus achieving a rhythm of light and shade that invigorated the image of the blocks and was more in keeping with a domestic scale.

The central space was configured as an interior square from which access is gained to the complex's nine entry halls. To make it easier to control access to all the halls there is only one way into the square, which includes vehicle entry into the car park.

Special attention was given to the draft of this shared landscaped space, where pathways and nooks interconnect with specifically designed children's play areas. Trees were planted in the parts nearest the houses to visually screen their interiors. The central space was diagonally divided into two parts; in one of them trees were planted to provide shade in summer and in the other, the sunniest, recreational areas were established to make the most of the sunshine in winter.

Alcorcón, Madrid

19,450 m²

6 and 7 storeys


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