Municipal Arts Centre And Auditorium

In an environment that is consolidated and heterogeneous in scales and uses, the plot stands out because of the significant void it represents. The decisions for the project pivot on the fact that the plot itself suggests a square and the ways in and out of it. For this reason, the building is set back from the boundaries, assigning value to urban space. 

The complex has been conceived as a unitary composition, continuously folded in upon itself, defining full and empty spaces that make up a new public area: a great square that can absorb the flow of visitors into the Arts Centre. In this sense, the building opens up onto the town on its western edge, up to which the built up area extends.

The building, similar in height to the other buildings around, caters on one side for mass attendance activities (Auditorium, Conference Halls, Meeting Rooms...), in contrast to another entryway on a smaller scale: the hallway to the Library and the Cafeteria. This arrangement makes it possible for them to be used independently.

The exhibition areas become a connecting space between the different uses of the programme, creating varying spatial situations and tempting the visitor to wander around them.

Inside outside continuity in the entryways, a clear distribution of the spaces, flexibility of uses; all these coincide in an austere building with a forceful and recognisable image which has a strongly linked relationship with its surroundings.

Alfafar, Valencia


4 storeys


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