Castellana 79

Office and Retail Building

When modernising a building of retail premises and offices we have the opportunity to improve its efficiency and features, both current and future. This building's significant situation also makes this an opportunity for its architectonic and urban assessment. 

With the configuration of the facades and the roof, the image of the building will stand out for its singularity; it will be a centre of attraction within the surroundings; and with its constructive solution it will efficiently provide the environmental and functional quality demanded from it. The strategy for solving the anonymity of its image is to concentrate the formal emphasis on the envelope using a single gesture, emphatic and suggestive a skin of glass that folds forming diagonal lines and creates a dynamic play of changing geometries and reflections as the day advances according to the intensity and position of the sun. This same geometric play of folds configures a crest on the roof which modifies the silhouette of the existing building, increasing its scale and emphasising its presence. The crest is formed by several prisms on which thermal and photovoltaic panels are arranged with optimum inclination and orientation, forming at the same time protection for the rest of the installations situated on the roof. The illumination of the zigzag lines of the crest on the roof gives rise to a nocturnal image that emphasises and distinguishes the building.  

Paseo de la Castellana 79, Madrid

21,750 m²

13 storeys


LEED Gold Certification

Contact Info
Paseo de la Castellana 151
28046 Madrid, Spain

phone: +34 915 718 330


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