Claudio Coello 124

Competition - Office Building Integral Refurbishment

Acerta Project Management, on behalf of AEW-INSSA, owner of the property located at Claudio Coello Street 124 in Madrid, invited RWA to participate in the competition of ideas convened for the rehabilitation of the aforementioned building, with the aim of using it for tertiary services, offices, adapting it spatially, technically and functionally to a single user or one per floor. 

The readjustment will involve the renovation and update of the building in terms of compliance with the current technical and urban planning standards, the flexibility to allocate it for offices with traditional or collaborative spatial distributions, the incorporation of current quality standards and new technologies, and the promotion of the principles of energy-saving and efficiency and sustainability criteria for possible LEED Gold or BREEAM certification.

The first objective of our proposals is to maintain the current building area unaltered and avoid any type of intervention that could lead to the reduction imposed by the current urban planning.

Another fundamental premise is to generate one office per floor with spatial continuity, eliminating the current bottleneck resulting from the position of the vertical core within the building.

The third basic concept is to regularise the different levels of the current slabs of ground and first floor, eliminating the penalty that would have its uses as commercial premises or offices.

Calle Claudio Coello 124, Madrid

5,000 m²

10 storeys


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