Campo de las Naciones

Office Building for the Headquarters of Insurance Company

By means of this tender the insurance company intended to unite their scattered offices in one single building, aiming to make the building, situated next to an important access road into Madrid, their new corporative image.

The proposal created two free standing above ground volumes, joined by vertical communications and infrastructure cores. The curved surfaces of the façades that overlook the motorway reduced the impact of air transmitted noise. The semi basement housed the services and specific spaces required by the user, and the higher floors, intended for offices, permitted special organization that could be obtained from the square 0.90 and 1.35 metre grids.

The modulation of the office floors, the sub modulation of the window framing in the façade and the concentration of installations in the central communications body, leave the floors completely free, giving the user maximum flexibility of distribution and future redistribution of the surface.

Campo de las Naciones, Madrid


8 storeys


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Paseo de la Castellana 151
28046 Madrid, Spain

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