Competition for the Linkage of the Caraffa Museum and the Ferreyra Palace

The intention of the proposal is to extend the existing public space, like a great blanket, over the road system and the Plaza España junction so as to consolidate the continuity of pedestrian circulation without affecting the traffic. To this end we propose a new walkway, which on descending, rising, folding back on itself, and changing direction, links up the different features of the museum circuit, resulting in a novel public space that offers a range of many and various experiences and a diversity of sensations at each step, interacting with the natural and architectonic surrounds and incorporating them into the activity arena.

Not only do we propose this structure as a means of connecting different parts, but also as a social expanse to walk in, to relax in, to look at the view from, to house sociocultural activities, as if it were a canvas, where the citizens' wills and wishes are expressed.

Córdoba, Argentina


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