Coslada Transport Centre (CTC)

Building Complex for Offices, Commercial Premises & Hotel

The buildings in this complex are designed as activity containers that house offices, a hotel, commercial zones and parking. The structures are detached, have no inner courtyards so as to avoid spaces of a lower rank, and all the facades are exterior; they are positioned on the site according to their exterior legibility, accessibility, views and uses, and access is structured according to usage. Some of these structures are planned to satisfy the needs of the so called computer farms rooms for the sole use of housing a collection of networked computer servers for various enterprises. To this end, ceilings need to be higher than usual and outer walls are windowless with ventilation; advantage can be taken of these facts to use these walls as billboards or for visual advertising for the firms.

Following these guidelines, the complex becomes a composite play of structures of diverse forms and materials; structures which are in themselves functionally efficient and find their aesthetic value in visual contrast and combination with each other.

All the structures amalgamate by means of the central green area, which strengthens with specific equipment its qualification as an open air breakout area.

Centro de Transportes de Coslada, Madrid


7-8 storeys


Contact Info
Paseo de la Castellana 151
28046 Madrid, Spain

phone: +34 915 718 330


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