National Museum of Estonia (ENM)


The museum is planned as a unifying element soaring above a recreated landscape; it looks to the future while surveying the elements of the past. It is configured as a "ribbon" that can be used to link the elements of the fragmented environment, and takes shape as a circuit running through them, incorporating them into the architecture. The visit to the museum begins at a distance: from the car park, to a bridge that crosses the waters of the lake, where the shape of the building is reflected as a foretaste of what is to come, and continues into the main hallway, from where it sweeps round to join the programme of the building and takes the visitor through it following the display circuit; then, emerging as if it were into an open air exhibition, carries on through the gardens and the buildings therein, to end up at the entrance pavilion, which could just as well be the start of the route the other way round.

A heavy base that houses the collections gives shape to the first layer of the circuit once inside the building, which in turn accommodates large diaphanous cases for the exhibits. The other layer rears up to house the auditoriums and the conference hall, and descends again to accommodate the administrative zone.

Tartu, Estonia

29,610 m²

4 storeys


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