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Competition - Cuenca

Architecture is built in the present for the future.

This proposal for the building destined for the Institute of Knowledge, Digitalisation and Audiovisual Entrepreneurship (ICDEA), in Cuenca, is conditioned by the technical, constructive and economic possibilities of the present, but it is committed to the future through systems that leave its transformation open.

Flexibility is the expression of the exterior and interior of the building. The entire site becomes a large public square on the ground floor, with closed and open spaces that change with the seasons and invite people to participate in the activities that are organised. A nearby landscape visible from the streets that contains platforms for the exhibition spaces, the cafeteria, stands for open-air screenings, areas in which the interior and exterior can be connected. The assembly hall is situated in a fold of this platform, taking advantage of the unevenness of the terrain and accessing it from the public square.

The entire container is enveloped by a surface that will allow its interiority to be guessed at, in which the images to be hung from the facades will be fused with those that are in process inside. This surface becomes a container and support for images and, why not, for sounds.

The flexibility of this support surface that configures the façade will also allow it to adapt to other functions: to environmental control, to the reinforcement of energy control and to the different needs of both interior and exterior lighting. In the future it will be able to incorporate changes in these systems, adapting to technology or better budgets.

Building in a developing neighborhood is a risk but also a challenge, an opportunity to anticipate the future.

Thinking about the future we want:

● To announce the building with a large facade that is a screen of images facing directly to the rotunda. It should be visible from the distance as you enter from the centre of Cuenca and that ICDEA can use to announce its activities.

● To offer an open ground floor in which all the exterior and interior spaces are visually connected, inviting participation in the public activities carried out in the building. This open and public floor is thought to be open in the future to relate to other buildings of a public and cultural nature that are built in the area or on adjacent plots.

● Orient the building slightly diagonal to the plot trying to increase its exposure to the south orientation.

● Place a viewpoint on the roof towards the views of the Júcar riverbank.


2,914 m²

5 storeys


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