London Vertical Farm


Building the city - urban growth:

Building the Thames waterfront: three towers to sustain the balance between horizontal and vertical.

Building urban spaces: the lower floors of the three towers are melt with the urban space in a multi-storey public area (indoors and outdoors public plazas, green roofs prolonging the existing Potters Fields Park, shopping and service areas, restaurants, farm areas given to Londoners …) .

The towers form is the result of making the most of each specific advantage at every different height of the tower. 

The Base and lower floors:  

- Connected with the urban space, easy entrance and exit of goods and services.

- Purposed to extensive farming area and to place public functions of the program.

- Green landscape in several layers increasing the extension of this area.

The intermediate part of the towers:  

- Less advantages, the built area is reduced in order to improve the sun exposure of the green areas at the base.

- Purposed to bioclimatic services and devices.

- Vertical gardens.

The upper floors:  

- Views, light, silence…

- Purposed to the residential program and to private harvest areas, either associated or not.

- ‘Greenhouses’ facades south oriented, closing private harvest areas and kitchen gardens associated to housing. Protective concrete skin oriented to north, closing the living spaces and storages. Residential spaces with panoramic windows to frame the views to The City.

Vertical farming: 

Different opportunities of cultivation due to the specific conditions at each height.

The base: extensive outdoors harvest on the south side, benefited with the maximum sun exposure. Resistant green areas for leisure activities descending to the river side on the north side of the plot. No limits between the harvest and the garden areas, making easy but controlled access for leisure and educational activities.

The lower part of each tower: greenhouses with several terraced floors, oriented to the south. Join to laboratories in the shadow areas to the north and to animal farm spaces. Easy entrance and exit of goods and services to develop and distribute the production.

The upper floors of each tower: private harvest associated to housing or to the commercial program of the base. Kitchen gardens connected with the residential program. The association of production to consume is the proposal for another urban sustainable life style at the heart of the city.

Queen's Walk, London 


300m in height


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