Méndez Álvaro 72

Residential Building with 82 Homes & Retail Premises


Having analysed the environment and the determining factors, the magnitude and excessive similarity of the nearby buildings and the continuous flatness of their facades, it is proposed to implement a volume that will give warmth to the exterior space and, by cutting out the closed bodies, generate a rhythm that will enhance the recovery of the pedestrian scale. 

To give maximum legibility to the main access, separating it from the vehicle and from the facades destined for commercial use, to configure it as the only point of pedestrian contact of the building with the outside. Also, optimising security, presence control and the cost of personnel and caretakers, connecting the only pedestrian access to the 4 vertical communication cores through the free interior space, taking into account the equidistance of the routes. 

To propose as an ideal variant the location of the community swimming pool and its solariums on the high roof of the building, given the consequences that placing them within the courtyard of the plot would have, due to the cones of shade that would affect it negatively throughout the year. 

To locate the vehicular access and the connections of the urban infrastructures in the facade of minor hierarchy, without interfering with those of major commercial value and the pedestrian circulations, to avoid the negative functional, aesthetic and visual impacts. 

To create exterior dwellings, equipped as far as possible with opposite facades, to facilitate natural crossed ventilation, with typologies of 2D, 3D and 4D, in the proportions resulting from the demand, foreseeing even the convertibility of two 2D units into one 4D and vice versa. 

Reducing the surfaces of the access halls on all floors and the common spaces and circulation to revert them to the houses, giving them more space. 

Generating day and night areas that are balanced with each other, without functional interference between the two and with equivalent areas, in order to guarantee the comfort of their occupants and facilitate their coexistence. 

To reduce the interior circulation of the homes so that most of their surface area is spatially useful, avoiding the generation of corridors and strengthening the provision of wardrobes, both general and private in the bedrooms. 

Méndez Álvaro 72, Madrid

18,472 m²

13 storeys


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