Avenida del Manzanares 2

Office Building

This building is a single self contained emphatic bulk sliced longitudinally by a great central void. This void spreads horizontally, articulating and uniting the different floors of the building. In this way a single interior space is achieved, fully open to the outside, blurring the limits between the building and its surroundings.

Each floor is made up of two independent surfaces, connected via footbridges that allow people to circulate, and infrastructures and services to cross. The limiting elements of the central void and the lateral sections are glassed in, in contrast to the great pieces of high quality prefabricated concrete that enclose the main volume.

Avenida de Manzanares 2, Madrid

5,300 m²

7 storeys


XI Town Planning, Architecture and Public Works Awards 1996 of the Madrid Town Planning Management (GMU) - Mention - New Buildings

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