Ribera del Marlin

Residential Resort with 196 flats, shops and car parks

The resort makes up one of the margins of the Sotogrande Marina, and succeeds in making the dual commercial and residential programmes complementary. The housing participates in the commercial life of the promenade, but with the intimacy and comfort lent by setting back the buildings behind protective gardens. The pedestrian promenade is formed integrating the bustle of the shop fronts with the nautical activity of the mooring quays, and has the benefit of spatial extent provided by the gardens of the flats, over the roofs of the commercial premises. Clear functional separation between vehicle access, parking areas and storage zones in each programme optimizes their interrelation.

The private residential garden, which separates and yet benefits both areas, runs parallel to the sea, filtering transversally between the buildings and disposed around different stop off points, some shared and some private.

The housing blocks surround the open spaces, and are arranged so that they benefit from the best of the sun and the views. The play of light and shade produced by the balconies' projecting edges emphasize the volumes. All the flats have two way orientation to favour natural cross ventilation, which minimizes the need for energy consumption in air conditioning.

Ribera del Marlin, Puerto de Sotogrande, Cádiz 

75,000 m²

6 and 7 storeys


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