Príncipe de Vergara 112

Residential Building with 48 Homes & Retail Premises

The original project was designed in the early 70s by Luis Gutierrez Soto at the end of his rationalist period and it possesses all the main features of his architecture: an elegant resolution of common stairs, spacious main entrances, duplex apartment with service room and wide terraces.

The diminution of the building’s volume in its upper floors provides it with a characteristic and singular image, at the expense of multiplying pillars and drainpipes that hinder the redistribution of the plan in wide space flats. It also had adequate features for its construction date although they are totally insufficient for the current requirements of a premium residential building: reduced vertical clearance between floors, concrete slabs without the necessary load strength for the current model building code, inefficient parking use ratio due to the excessive dimensions and bad distribution of the garage’s pillars and interior patios lacking valid illumination for living spaces.

The project responded to all external conditions and the promoter’s needs for constructing the new buildings; providing them large common areas, including a swimming pool and a solarium on the rooftop, commercial premises on the ground floor, increased vertical clearance between floors, natural cross-ventilation and flat residence customization options such as fitted or separated kitchens. All of it maintaining the original protected massing.

Príncipe de Vergara 112, Madrid. 

15,174 m²

14 storeys


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Paseo de la Castellana 151
28046 Madrid, Spain

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