Quinta de los Molinos

Office Building

For this office building, the design had to be reconciled with a plot of difficult characteristics. Taking advantage of the unevenness of the terrain, it was intended that the view of the location from the motorway would evoke interest, would ensure the structures stood out and be clearly recognised. The tall old trees that existed on the plot were heeded as an important distinguishing feature, non renewable in the short or medium term, and were blended with the building as an intermediate filter between the city and the individual work cubicle, creating for the users a place to rest and relax in.

The group is conceived on the basis of the NE angle of the plot, where the two main structures of the building meet. The vertical cores of each one is set in the centre of the respective interior facades. A great triangular based atrium delimited by the main structures and conceived as a glassed in space, is set up in the main access and distribution hallway, and houses the two vertical cores and the pedestrian walkways that interconnect them on each floor. 

Each one of the office blocks was generated by the interaction of the structural and functional frames, resulting in two open blind areas and a single alignment of freestanding columns on the longitudinal axis. Floors allow for well lit open plan spaces, with work desks at less than 10 metres from a source of natural light, and can be subdivided into one or two longitudinal flows of circulation, a fact which generates exterior zones for work desks in individual or open plan spaces, and a central zone for toilets and kitchenettes, meeting rooms, archives, office equipment, server rooms, etc. 

Quinta de los Molinos, Madrid


9 storeys


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