Recoletos 17

Office Building Restoration

Successive restorations of this tertiary building have caused the historic and architectonic values present at the time of its original conception to be deteriorated.

In the intervention carried out, the building was provided with a car park by excavating a basement floor using processes that were innovative at the time. All the floors were provided with state of the art computerization installations, allowing for future adaptations.

The ground floor was enhanced with special sections in marble flooring, finishing and moulding, and with the renovation of all the indoor joinery using solid wood.

The facades were renovated, placing an upper cornice that permitted the top floor, added in the 40's, to be integrated into the structure, and updating the joinery to harmonize with that of the other floors.

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Paseo de Recoletos 17, Madrid

4,280 m²

6 storeys


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Paseo de la Castellana 151
28046 Madrid, Spain

phone: +34 915 718 330


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