Competition - European Centre for Emerging Creativity

We believe that the new European Centre for Emerging Creativity should be able to adapt to new technological and computing transformations and to incorporate those which right now we are not even able to imagine. No doubt this new model will be brought about by the next generation, who will make use of this architectonic space to experiment and learn.

For this reason, we work through a fluid space, easily transformed, where the architectonic quality becomes the decisive factor due to the layout of elements in such a way that they give shape to a space for multiple activities, while at the same time they fit into the historic building which will house part of the set up. These elements generate horizontal and vertical paths to allow for the development of the displays showing the work that is carried out at the centre.

Salerno, Italy


4 storeys


Contact Info
Paseo de la Castellana 151
28046 Madrid, Spain

phone: +34 915 718 330


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