Competition - Student Accommodation Building for León University

iModular is a proposal that can be adapted to whatever the final needs are. The project focuses on providing concepts that respond to objectives of architectural, energy and environmental excellence. Our purpose is to take advantage of the uncertainty of not having an specific plot and to project a system with paradigmatic ambition. To do this, we focus on generic needs and problems that are only specific for the use of the building and the weight that is to be given to the criteria of quality and sustainability. The lower specification of the conditions allows us to adopt a solution that encompasses a wide spectrum of possibilities. 

All massings have their origin and raison d'être in the use of orientations and the optimisation of the three dimensions of space. Formal gestures bring character to the system but do not arise from a purely aesthetic decision. The curves that characterise the iModular system have a functional and gestáltic sense. But, at the same time, they provide a specific and memorable image that is definitely associated with the system, the building that is constructed with it and the institution that builds them. It does not have an undifferentiated form, it has a precise form, which comes from the rational response to the demanded use. 

In iModular each level of design responds to these demands of flexibility and optimisation. The fundamental criteria of the proposal are: 

- To increase the possibilities of combination by proposing them to be built on two levels: accommodation modules and buildings. Compositive versatility based on a small number of different modules. 

- To achieve flexibility of adaptation to future plots and / or different development horizons.

- To propose common spaces and relationship areas at various levels to promote different places of coexistence.

- To project accommodations characterised by spatial amplitude and the optimisation of both natural lighting and the use of space on floor and height.

With iModular we want to add value to the university environment with ideas that transform large-scale open spaces into human places for university life. This is a project that takes into account the opportunity to improve social cohesion with the definition of its spaces, in an important environment as the university is. 

We group the modules in several buildings, among which open spaces are generated: crossing and meeting places. Likewise, by congregating the accommodations into smaller numbers, dividing them into several buildings, greater cohesion is encouraged among those who live in each of them. 

In the spaces of relationship created between buildings, cycling and pedestrian routes are enhanced, while the circulation of cars to each building is arranged below ground level. The connections between the buildings is constructed with low maintenance vegetation and floors, flexible for the different use opportunities. Very light pergolas will be covered with climbing plants to increase the landscape value of the whole. 

The size and layout of the buildings will be decided based on the shape and orientation of the final plot. The proposed solution opts for two small and two medium-sized buildings, because with their areas the needs of occupation and buildability are optimised. On the other hand, in the proposals the buildings are arranged aligned in pairs to achieve a compact set. The necessary distances are set depending on the height so as not to produce shadows in the adjoining buildings and are not arranged facing each other to achieve the greatest range of views from each façade. 

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