Residential Resort with 176 Detached Homes

This residential resort has been conceived as a continuous solid green space that embraces existing protected plant species, and distributes these single family dwellings in such a way that they stress the spatial relationship between the houses and the golf course. They are positioned in response to the topography so that they all have long range views and so that the constructions do not intrude on each other. A correct exposition to sunlight is guaranteed for the houses and for the outdoor areas as regards aspect and solar progression.

The varying slopes of the plot define two house prototypes so that each unit can best adapt to the conditions of the terrain. For areas with steeper slopes there are single fronted homes which have spaces opening onto the façade, and are parallel to the longitudinal axis, with very good ventilation and exposition to sunlight, making it possible to build the units in a series in steps down the terrain. For areas with gentler slopes homes with double façades are planned, perpendicular to the longitudinal axis, making cross ventilation possible. 

The road network is designed after careful evaluation of the terrain's gradients. Starting from a single controlled entrance, the layout is developed in sections that end in "cul de sacs", thus achieving shorter routes and no through-traffic. 

Underground car parking is designed below the streets making it safe to leave vehicles used only seasonally, typical of the tenants of this kind of home. This means the roadways are unobstructed, and they are separated from the houses by well kept barriers of greenery. 

Parcela (Plot) XIIA Sotogrande, Cádiz

30,750 m² 

2 and 3 storeys


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Paseo de la Castellana 151
28046 Madrid, Spain

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