Urbanism - Master plan for the proposals in the city as a whole

The targets of the proposals are:

  • To allow Zaragoza to reach the status of a thriving, dynamic city with a future deserved by virtue of its geographical and historical implantation within the framework of current Spain, disassociating it from the mediocrity and deficiencies that characterised its last decades.
  • To provide Zaragoza with the infrastructure, transport, facilities, organisation, means and standards that will allow its development and the emergence of the new image that it needs, simultaneously increasing the quality of its urban spaces and buildings.
  • To respond to these premises with long term structural and well-founded solutions.
  • To discard the volatility and incongruence of "urban fashions of formal frivolity" which, with the sole purpose of ephemeral transcendence to the media, promote, as if they were haute couture models, impactful actions lacking content and contextuality which, overcoming extravagance, are tangential to vulgarity.
  • To responsibly regulate the investment of economic and human resources for greater profitability for citizens in the medium-and-long-term, avoiding opportunistic or, at least, unavowable strategies.

Zaragoza, Aragón

973.8 km²


Contact Info
Paseo de la Castellana 151
28046 Madrid, Spain

phone: +34 915 718 330


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